Line Inspection in Oklahoma City, OK

The folks called asking for the line inspection service I offer. They just bought the home within the past 2 months and have never been able to do laundry without that side of the home backing up and spilling on the floors. The sewers are 60 years old, and the building sewer is concrete.

There are two 4" concrete lines coming from the home. The prior owners have had problems with roots in the past and there was a clean-out installed for cleaning, but not on the side of the home that was having issues. I used the clean-out to find where the second line joined into it. I dug it up after finding it and installed a clean-out to serve that line as well. I thoroughly cleaned both building sewers to the city main.

There is still one area that need attention, it is under a large concrete patio slab, but the sewers are running great now and we've bought them a lot of time, years in fact, and they aren't pressed into paying for a new system anytime soon.

Another happy ending and new friends made.

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Specifics of Oklahoma City Line Inspection

  • Location: 3700 Block of NW 60th Street, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Type: Line Inspection Service
  • Water & Sewer Lines
  • Drain Cleaning

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