Oklahoma Sewer Line Location Service

Every home has a network of private sewer lines that the owner is responsible for. The sewer lines branch out from underneath the home and extend to the septic tank or the water utility provider.

Sewer lines which are installed under the landscape can be damaged by digging, crushed by heavy vehicles, or broken by tree roots. It's important for every homeowner to know exactly where their sewer lines are located to avoid damages like this.

You've heard it said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Benjamin Franklin said this in the early 1700's yet it's still true today. It's much better to locate the sewer lines than to damage them and make repairs.

Sewer line location service by A Perfect Fit Plumbing & Gas Co. is the best method for finding pipes hidden under the ground. We are the Oklahoma City plumbers you can count on no matter what plumbing service you need.

Our service can pinpoint the location of:

  • Buried Sewer Lines
  • Buried Valves
  • Clean-Outs
  • PVC Pipeline
  • Bends
  • Service Stubs
  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • Septic Tanks

Locating Sewer Lines Under Your Foundation

Sometimes the sewer lines need to be located underneath a foundation. The location and depth of the sewer system are determined with our advanced tools. A Perfect Fit Plumbing & Gas Co. can locate many different types of sewer line pipe including PVC, iron, and clay.

Call For Sewer Line Location Service Before You Dig Or Excavate

Digging without knowing where sewer lines are can lead to disruptions in your wastewater removal system. Sewer lines can easily break if hit by blunt force or a sharp edge from a shovel or pick.

Local governments often require that underground utility systems be located before digging. This is for safety as well as to prevent damage.

Before you dig to plant shrubs or till the soil, call A Perfect Fit Plumbing & Gas Co. We'll detect and mark your sewer or septic lines so you don't wind up with damage.

Advantages Of Sewer Line Location Service

  • Efficient, quick, accurate location
  • Avoids damage to landscape and sewer system
  • Pinpoints precise location and depth
  • Detects all types of sewer line pipe
  • Professional experienced technicians
  • Guaranteed workmanship
  • Free estimates
  • 30 Years of service
  • 24-hour emergency service

For Sewer Line Detection Service in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas, please call A Perfect Fit Plumbing & Gas Co. at 405-802-7769 or complete our online request form.