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Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters

Rinnai Water Heater LogoAsk us about the "rest of the story". Paul Harvey has been telling his listeners for well over a year about the wonders of "foreverhotwater" from Rinnai.  If you never want to run out of hot water again, call us to find out how a Rinnai On demand water heater can give you "foreverhotwater". We'll select the right type and quantity of Rinnai products to meet your family’s needs.

Rinnai Continuum provides never-ending hot water to households 24 hours a day at the rate of up to 8.5 gallons per minute. This unique feature allows homeowners the luxury of using multiple hot water sources at once without any loss of temperature consistency. Because Rinnai Continuum is not limited by capacity, as are typical 50 and 75 gallon tanks, today's 70+ gallon bathtubs can be filled again and again without penalizing the other hot water needs in the home. Oklahoma City homes with a Rinnai Continuum can run a washing machine, dishwasher and shower simultaneously without worrying about hot water running out at any source. Rinnai Continuum is up to 50 percent more energy efficient than a traditional natural gas water heater and up to 70 percent more efficient than an electric water heater. Whereas 40-gallon tanks require 16 sq. ft. of floor space and usually last around 10 years.

Rinnai Continuum is a compact wall mounted tankless water heater with a life expectancy of 25 years. Because the Continuum does not require a tank, the risk of tank-type water heater ruptures is eliminated. Rinnai Continuum can be set to operate at exact user-specifiable temperatures via the digital and easy-to-use control pad placed in multiple locations of a home. This is an extremely important feature in households with small children and elderly individuals to help prevent scalding accidents. Rinnai Continuum also offers flexibility in its wall-mounted locations. Should the user prefer to mount the unit indoors, it safely uses no indoor make-up air and vents directly to the atmosphere. However, a unique advantage of Rinnai Continuum is its ability to be mounted on the exterior of a house, completely removing a combustible device from the home and freeing up valuable floor-space. Additionally, the unit can be mounted in a recessed box, flush-mounted and painted or textured to match the external fade.


If you are looking for a professional Oklahoma City Rinnai tankless water heater contractor, then please call us today at 405-802-7769 or complete our online request form.


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