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Garbage Disposal Repairs and Installation

Oklahoma City plumberYour Oklahoma City home's garbage disposal is a simple device, essentially a motor that drives rotating impellers that in turn grind up food waste so it can be flushed down the sink drain. Simple problems are easy to fix; with a serious problem, you're usually better off replacing the entire unit.

When you buy a new disposal, installation instructions are included. But before you scrap your old disposal, check the manufacturer's warranty. Some warranties cover parts and labor for 5 years or more.


  • Do not put your hand into the disposer.

  • Do not put bones, metal or stringy material down garbage disposer.

  • Keep hard objects out. This includes plastic, rubber & metal as well as bones & gristle unless your owner's manual says you can put them down.

  • Use a strong flow of cold water when grinding waste. The cold will help harden grease so that it doesn't clog the disposer or drain line. The water flow will make sure the ground up waste passes into the sewer & doesn't clog your drain lines.

  • Leave the water running for a minute after you finish grinding.

  • Do not use chemical drain cleaners in the disposer.


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